RFID in the service of logistics

RFID Serving Logistics Radiofrequency technology has experienced exponential growth in recent years as companies have become aware of its benefits and potential. What is RFID Technology? Radio frequency identification is a technology that emerged in World War II and is increasingly present in everyday life. RFID is the automatic process of identifying objects by exchanging […]

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TRACE ID Enters Exclusive Strategic Manufacturing and Channel Agreement with Identiv

TRACE ID Enters Exclusive Strategic Manufacturing and Channel Agreement with Identiv Trace ID has signed an exclusive strategic agreement with a global leader in digital security and identification in the Internet of Things (IoT), a Spain-based leading provider of UHF RFID technology and solutions, to become the exclusive provider for Trace-ID’s complete line of specialty […]

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NFC vs. RFID (and RAIN RFID) What’s the difference between NFC and RFID? What about RAIN RFID? The technologies are similar but may be easily confused. We explain what they are and how they work. NFC and RFID are both enjoying enormous growth at the moment, and they’re often mentioned in the same breath. But […]

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RFID system frequency range

Main frequency ranges in RFID systems There are five main frequency ranges in which RFID systems operate. As a general rule, low frequency systems are distinguished by their short read ranges, slow read speed and lower cost. High frequency RFID systems are used when longer read ranges and faster read speeds are required, such as […]

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RFID performance: 3D technology accelerates the development of RFID identifiers

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has revolutionized numerous sectors by enabling efficient inventory management, product tracking, and access control. In the process of developing and manufacturing RFID identifiers, response time plays a crucial role. Traditionally, studying the performance of different prototypes in the real RFID system environment has been a slow, costly, and prone to production bottlenecks.

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Why you can’t afford not to have an RFID system

WHY YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO HAVE AN RFID SYSTEM What is an RFID System and why I need one? An RFID system is a radiofrequency identification system that allows the best management of assets of a batch, one by one simultaneously, and in real-time. The main feature of this kind of system is the […]

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RFID tags formats. Do you know them?

RFID tags formats There is a varied range of RFID tags formats, each one fits different RFID systems according to the needs of the project. To know how to choose the adequate RFID tag format is crucial… If you are going to implement an RFID system in your business, you will need a good analysis […]

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UHF RFID protocols and standards

UHF RFID protocols and standards As the adoption of RFID technology has grown, the need to establish protocols and standards that make possible the interoperability of RFID products, whatever their manufacturer, has become indispensable. RFID tags have very varied shapes and sizes depending on their frequency and antenna design. The customers choose one or another […]

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Understanding an RFID tag datasheet

Understanding an RFID tag datasheet Often, the datasheets are written by electronics engineers for electronics engineers and they are full of technical jargon. Often too, our common buyers are also engineers but sometimes they aren’t. Then, how can they understand the datasheets? In the current article of Trace ID blog, we will explain some basics […]

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ISO 9001-9005

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