RFID tags for clothing

RFID tags for clothing

Textile trade

There are several types of smart tags suitable and adaptable to apparel RFID systems. Here we will look at some of the main RFID apparel solutions. The RFID tags for apparel that we supply can be standard or customized according to the customer's needs.

Clothing Hang Tags

In this format, the RFID inlay is inside the tag and becomes invisible to the customer. Generally, these tags are made of paper. But other materials are also possible. Above all, the comparative advantages of this type of smart tags are two. Firstly, they can be fully printed with creative color designs, as the customer wishes. Secondly, the RFID inlay remains discreetly invisible inside.

Adhesive RFID Tags

As we have already explained on the page about RFID tags, the standard formats of RFID tags are “dry inlays”, “wets” and “white-wets”. As a general rule, wets and white-wets are adhesive to be attached to boxes, labels, papers, bags, etc. But, as a difference, white-wets are printable because they have a front material that protects the chip. Wets, on the other hand, are always transparent and cannot be printed. In addition, in wets, depending on the position of the PET material, the chip is protected or not. Wets and white-wets are standard formats, so their size is very close to the size of the antenna and is always the same size depending on the model of the inlay. In addition, the position of the antenna is always centered.

RFID Solutions Converted from Sticker Tags for Clothing

On the other hand, when the RFID adhesive label is personalized, the customer can choose the size and position of the inlay. These customized tags are always printable.

Polyester RFID Tags

In the same way as hang tags, in polyester tags, the RFID inlay can be inserted between two layers of polyester, making it invisible to the customer and protected. With this material, the tag can be sewn into clothing (but not directly, the best way to do this is to sew the smart tag onto a satin tab that is softer to cut later, because the polyester tag is quite resistant). In addition, they can also be printed. Polyester RFID tags are also the RFID solution for textiles. The size and position of the inlay are customizable.

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RFID tags for clothing

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