In addition to developing, customizing, and manufacturing RFID tags, at Trace ID we also help you create solutions with our WE CONECT methodology through our network of specialized RFID solution partners worldwide.

In short, RFID solutions are products for specific RFID systems. As an example, they fit RFID implementations where RF performance is compromised. Because some characteristics of the objects or the environment may compromise RFID performance. As another example, they fit RFID implementations that share the same needs because they are from the same business sector. In both cases, we create a standard product.

As a general rule, elements that can worsen RFID performance are metals and water. As well as grease and dust. That is why we provide RFID solutions for metals, sports timing and washing.

On the other hand, some RFID tags are specifically designed to optimize their performance for specific commercial needs. For example, jewelry, food, and logistics.

RFID Solutions Developed by TRACE-ID

Usually, Trace-ID provides RFID solutions as basic or standard products. In other words, they are pre-designed to fit different RFID implementations with the same problem to solve. But sometimes we develop an RFID solution tailored to the customer’s needs. As we have already said, Trace-ID has the capability of developing smart labels. Consequently, we can design and produce a custom RFID solution. Always together with the customer and our partners. Finally, all our labels and solutions are compatible with RAIN RFID.

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Designing and producing RFID solutions is indeed a great challenge. Since the customer starts from a problem that hinders RFID performance. Or perhaps the starting point is a peculiarity in which a standard RFID product cannot perform as desired. Either way, customers need an RFID solution that fits their systems. That is why it is very important for us to work closely with our customers to discover how to solve their RFID problems.


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The only RFID manufacturers in Spain with label customization capabilities. The only RFID manufacturers in Spain with label customization capabilities.

The only RFID manufacturers in Spain with label customization capabilities.

Trace-ID is a manufacturer of RFID consumables. It produces RFID inlays, smart labels and specific RFID tagging solutions ; it is also a distributor of RFID hardware. Trace-ID meets the needs of companies for their implemented RFID systems.

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