RFID tags for logistics

RFID tags for logistics


RFID solutions for logistics bring together a wide range of RFID solutions. You can find them in almost all business processes. For example, from tracking returnable transport units in the supply chain to retail inventory management. Automatic logistics control is one of the main challenges today and RFID technology is an essential tool for this. You can find more information about RFID logistics and how it increases the competitiveness of companies and its benefits in our linked article.

Automatic Management with RFID Technology

Automatic management with RFID technology has the ability to significantly improve global supply chains. It also increases the overall efficiency of identification processes. Major retailers and their suppliers are already tagging pallets, boxes, and other returnable transport units (UTRs) such as plastic boxes used for fresh food. On the other hand, logistics is also the control of retailers’ inventories. That is why logistics is so broad and complex.

Benefits of RFID Solutions for Logistics

As we have already said, the definition of logistics gathers many commercial processes. Below you can find the main benefits of automatic control of logistics with RFID technology.

For Manufacturers
  • Better customer service
  • Process Optimization
  • Faster Billing
  • Shipment Document Optimization
For Distributors
  • Greater Shipping Precision
  • Faster and more reliable deliveries
  • Better Traceability
  • Greater cost savings
For Retailers
  • Faster Processes
  • Less than inventory
  • Faster Processes
  • Better customer service

Trace-ID manufactures many RFID tags specially designed for each logistics process. We also customize these tags to provide the RFID solution that fits the customer’s needs.

RFID Tags for Logistics

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