RFID tags for sports timing

RFID tags for sports timing


Track and time race participants with our disposable RFID solution for sports timing. Our RFID tags can be attached to the race bib, clothing, or shoes of the runner. The Trace-ID Chronotrace RFID tag for sports timing has been extensively tested and proven to deliver successful results. The loyalty of our customers in purchasing this foam RFID tag for sports timing is a testament to its quality.

RFID Solution for Sports Timing


Chronotrace is an RFID solution designed for various sports competitions where participant tracking and timing need to be detailed and fast. Thanks to its form factor, the tag can be placed close to the torso without affecting its performance due to the high water content in the human body. This RFID tag is built on foam to protect the RFID inlay and is adhesive for easy placement.

Reliable RFID Solution for Sports Timing and Person Identification at Events

This RFID tag for sports timing can be easily attached to the runner’s clothing and is disposable. You can distribute these tags to participants, track and time their races, and there’s no need to retrieve the tags afterward as all the data is collected in the RFID system. If you also need RFID hardware, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the best option from our hardware suppliers.

It’s worth mentioning that major marathons around the world utilize RFID technology to track their runners, including the Los Angeles Marathon.

RFID Tags for sports timing

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