RFID tags for laboratories

RFID tags for laboratories

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RFID tags for laboratories are an efficient way to manage the equipment and materials used in a laboratory; improving safety and efficiency in these workspaces.

Benefits of RFID Tags for Laboratory

These RFID tags contain a unique identification that allows laboratories to track products and record usage information. They also offer the ability to store additional data, such as a product’s expiration date, to help laboratories meet safety standards.

However, these are not the only reasons why they are so beneficial. They are tags that can be used to control inventory, asset location, access to the work area and waste management.

In summary, RFID tags for laboratories guarantee the identification, tracking and precise control of elements in this environment.

Main Features of These Tags

RFID tags for laboratories are designed to withstand extreme conditions such as cold temperatures and excessive heat, humidity; as well as to be resistant to chemicals or radiation and dust. Hence they require specific characteristics.

These tags also offer quick and accurate reading, long service life, and excellent compatibility with reading devices.

RFID tags for laboratories

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