Impinj M700 Series RAIN RFID tag chips

FM7 antenna’s size: 31,9 x 14,2 mm
Wet / white-wet’s size: 34 x 16 mm

Common applications

Apparel and other retail item-level. Supply chain, inventory and logistics. Pharmaceutical and healthcare.

Minimum order quantity: 10.000 pcs.
Average units per roll: TBD.

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The UHF RFID tag FM7 is a smart label that suits a wide broad range of possibilities, whether in the field of retailing or in the field of the supply chain. Its size and read-range make it an excellent choice for cosmetics, pharmaceutics, and other items of medium/small size.

We can deliver this RFID tag, and all of our tags, in different formats, from the standard ones like dry inlay, wet, and white-wet, to a customized RFID label according to the customer needs regarding size, colour, shape, front-face material, and other considerations.

The customization’s features also depend on the RFID application where the RFID system will be applied.

General characteristics

Wet/White Wet Inlay dimensions: 34 x 16 mm.
Antenna dimensions: 31,9 x 14,2 mm.
Standard pitch: 21,6 mm.
Operating frequency: Global (860-960MHz).
For all Impinj M700 Series RAIN RFID tag chips: M730, 750, 770, 780, 781
EPC memory: 128 bits, 96 bits, 128 bits, 496 bits, 128bits.
User memory: 0 bits, 32 bits, 32 bits, 128 bits, 512 bits.
TID Memory: 96 bit with 48 bit unique serial number
Inlay substrate material: PET.
Inlay-to-liner adhesive: SH3020 (Arconvert).
Liner material: CC62 (Arconvert).
Total thickness overchip: 170 microns.
Standard web width: 40 mm
Unwind direction: Label side out
RFProtocol: RAINRFID/ISO-18000-63 and EPCglobal Gen 2v2 compliant
RoHS: EU Directive 2011/65 EU Compliant
Quality assurance: 100% read tested w/o of tolerance inlay marked
Operating temperature: –40ºC to 85ºC
IMPINJ ZEBRA NXP Voyantic Zabala Sato

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