RFID tags for laundry

RFID tags for laundry

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The RFID laundry solution is a washable smart tag. This RFID tag is perfect to place on bed linen, uniforms and other textile garments that need to be washed and have a control over them. This RFID solution withstands many washings without losing its radio frequency performance.

If you need to track assets such as bedding, towels, uniforms, or other textiles, then you need washable RFID tags. For example, when managing a hotel chain . Also for fireman uniforms, or for laboratory security uniforms.

RFID Solution for Laundrytag Laundry

Laundrytag was specifically designed to meet the rigors of high-volume, high-pressure washing workflows to help extend the useful life of assets. It has also been tested in real-world laundries for over 200 cycles to ensure label performance and durability.

This RFID tag has a read range of up to 6 meters, and also shows high-speed bulk reading. Additionally, this RFID tag does not require a direct line of sight in industrial laundry applications.

This smart tag can be applied quickly and easily in multiple ways due to its softness, thickness and flexibility. For example, it can be sewn, heat sealed or bagged.

Laundrytag is perfect for tracking your textile assets

This RFID tag shows excellent mass reading performance and also the highest level of thermal and mechanical resistance. This thick UHF transponder can be inserted into the narrow edges of small flat linen items. As well as in the best garments (which makes it widely suitable for private use). The extraordinary feeling of not being there and its imperceptible look greatly improve the comfort of using this RFID transponder.
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