RFID tags for metals

RFID tags for metals


The RFID solution for metal is designed to prevent RFID malfunction because metals negatively affect RFID performance. As a rule, the RFID tag cannot be in contact with metals. That is why this RFID tag for metal is placed in foam. In this case, the RFID tag is adhesive, so you can stick the tag on the metal and the foam avoids contact with the RFID inlay. In addition, this RFID tag is flexible and printable. It is the perfect RFID solution for devices such as laptops and home appliances.

METALTRACE is an intelligent RFID tag that works on both metallic and non-metallic assets. Additionally, the tag can incorporate human-readable printing, barcodes, and graphics.

METALTRACE has an extremely low profile and is flexible to fit curved surfaces such as the contours of metal cylinders and drums. It also complies with global EPC UHF Gen2 and ISO 18006-C standards. It is also cost-effective and versatile for a wide range of applications. These applications range from product authentication and IT asset tracking to global asset tracking or combating counterfeiting of high-value medical supplies.

RFID tags for metals

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