RFID tags for textile

RFID tags for textile

Textile trade

If your business belongs to the sector of production and sale of fabrics by the meter, you may need smart tags to label your products with a friendly material that you can sew or stick on the fabric. The RFID solutions for textile we can offer are made with polyester top and bottom layers, but it is also possible to combine the polyester front side with other materials. In addition, the tag can be adhesive or non-adhesive. In any case, feel free to ask us for a RFID solution that suits your needs.

Smart Sewn Labels for Textiles

As we have said in the solutions RFID for clothing, this smart tag can be sewn into the fabric. But we recommend not doing it directly. It is better to sew the smart tag to a softer satin tab to cut it later because the polyester tag is quite resistant.

In general, the design and production of RFID solutions involve the work of several agents. That is why Trace-ID works together with reliable partners to offer the best solution to the customer.

RFID Easy Solution for Textile, Ticket, Sticker or Not

This smart polyester tag is durable enough to be stuck or sewn on. As you can see in the image, they are tickets, in other words, the RFID inlay is inserted between two layers and remains invisible and protected. There are many options for producing tags. If you want to know more, contact us!

RFID tags for textiles

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Do you need RFID tags for your product or project?

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