Trace-ID releases six new RAIN RFID tags based on Impinj M700 series chips

Trace-ID releases six new RAIN RFID tags based on Impinj M700 series chips

Trace-ID has developed six new RAIN RFID tags, powered by Impinj M730 and M750 chips, for a wide range of RFID applications, from Returnable Transport Units traceability and Industrial Automation to logistics, inventorying and retail.

The new Trace-ID tags with Impinj M700 series chips have been created for high performance, the fastest inventory capability, and to fit large-scale global deployments. The main improvements versus their predecessors are:

  1. Read faster, and at a longer distance. The designs of the new inlays achieve longer read ranges than their predecessors. Together with the Impinj M700 chips’ FastID high-speed reading capability, these RAIN RFID tags are the fastest of the market reducing inventory time by simplifying the steps needed to identify a tag with longer distances.
  2. Use the same RAIN RFID tag worldwide simplifying global, large-scale supply chains. Thanks to the Impinj enhanced AutoTune adaptative RF Tuning capability, the tag optimizes performance to its environment for improved readability across a range of materials, tag form factors, and operating frequencies.
  3. Tags compatible with the newest RAIN RFID solutions to prevent unknown loss, grant customer’s privacy, and verify product’s authenticity. For example, the Impinj Protected Mode tag data protection capability makes a RAIN tag invisible to RAIN readers. The tag can be returned to normal operation, and made visible to RAIN readers, using a secure PIN. The new tags also deliver improved accuracy thanks to the Impinj TagFocus read redundancy prevention, a unique algorithm that prevents multiple reads of the same chip so that hard-to-read tags can be read more accurately within a complex population of tags.

“We are pleased to see TraceID’s new products come to market,” said Carl Brasek, Impinj vice president, silicon product management. “These six new tags address the needs for item visibility in a wide variety of industries and applications including retail inventory management, food traceability, and supply chain automation.”

Common applications per tag

TER17, TER17S and Thunder M7: Returnable Transport Units, logístics, supply chain, inventory, industrial automation.
TE27: Food industry (meat and lunchmeat), retail, apparel, library, media, documents.
TH-WING M7 and TAR17: Retail, apparel, pharma, health, logístics, inventory.
To learn more about each tag and download their datasheets visit Trace-ID’s RFID tags page.

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