Benefits of RFID for the fashion and accessories retailing industry

Benefits of RFID for the fashion and accessories retailing industry
The industry of fashion and accessories retailing is one of the industries that represent a big challenge for technological changes. This is due to its complex network worldwide. Indeed, RFID technology has been challenged and transformed by its application in the fashion sector due to several of its peculiarities. On the other hand, even the most classic clothing stores have gone a step further thanks to the implementation of RFID systems, creating even a new business concept. Therefore, it is necessary to observe more closely the benefits of RFID technology for fashion.
RFID tags have revolutionized the labelling of garments and accessories. To avoid counterfeits and thefts, or even to make the customer experience an improved and more complete experience. From RFID tags for product traceability to customer loyalty applications, there are many advantages of RFID for fashion that interact to create a complex system that involves many aspects of the fashion business. Let’s see the highlights below.

How the accurate RFID control of the inventory renovates the fashion retailing industry

Inventory management is one of the most common functions of RFID tags. Thanks to RFID technology, the creation, updating, and control of inventories are faster, more precise and more efficient. RFID systems avoid the errors of the manual data entries, in addition to trigger relevant and immediate events about the exits or entries of products.

Restock products more quickly, increase sales and control purchases

The real-time update of inventory avoids stock breakages. This control of the inventory increases the sales and therefore the benefits because prevents the lack of customers’ favourite products on the shelf, while also preventing the excessive accumulation of products that don’t have as much success, reducing that way the expenses.

Big benefits of RFID

Avoiding counterfeiting, lost of products and thefts thanks to the rigorous traceability of RFID tags

The RFID tags attached to clothing and accessories allow their tracking from the factory to the final consumer. In addition, the client can verify the authenticity of the product he has purchased, thanks to applications that allow them to scan the RFID tag and obtain the information that the brand stored in it. Thanks to the benefits of RFID, the chain of custody of the product is much safer and more effective because it prevents theft and losses. When a product carries an RFID tag, the system follows it and triggers the events that warn of possible exits from the controlled area. The constant update of the route of an item keeps the system informed of where that item is located.

With RFID technology for fashion, you can offer to the client customized attention to their needs and preferences

The stores that have taken care of complementing the information obtained through the customer cards with the information provided by the RFID tags of the products purchased by these customers, can better understand the tastes and needs of its customers (colours, sizes, types of products and accessories, etc.). So, they can offer customised offers more adequate with the preferences and needs of the client.
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RFID solutions for apparel of Trace-ID

Improve the efficiency and safety of your processes and goods thanks to an RFID system

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