RFID for apparel, is it profitable?

RFID for apparel, is it profitable?
Today, buying tags of RFID for apparel can be the decision that marks the success or failure in the effectiveness of the traceability system for your clothing business. The retail clothing sector is very dynamic and changing, and often leads the way of what innovations are necessary for fields such as logistics, customer service, marketing or e-commerce. The RFID technology industry obviously not ignores these challenges and, as a result, RFID solutions for clothing increasingly focused on improving the effectiveness of the retail sector of fashion and accessories are being developed. Next, we are going to describe some.

Increased customer loyalty thanks to an intelligent RFID system

A solution of RFID for apparel cannot be satisfied with control and security in the supply chain, the best logistics management, and the highest accuracy of the inventories updated in real-time. These three factors are very important but not enough for the retail sector of fashion and accessories. In addition, a good RFID clothing system can greatly improve customer satisfaction. By improving customer satisfaction you reinforce customer loyalty, it also reinforces its loyalty to the store and the brand.

How customer loyalty increases with RFID for apparel

First of all, having a thorough and real-time inventory control gives us a lot of valuable information about the behaviour of customers. If we know immediately which garments are the most sold, we can react in time to not run out of these garments in the store, in this way, if the customer always finds what he looks for in our store, he will always return, and in addition, we will not lose sales. The behaviour of customers is recurrent, this means that if a customer always finds what he wants in our store, he will be less likely to browse in other stores, instead, if he does not find it, he will go to other stores in his search and surely he will return there.
Secondly, with the RFID system and the appropriate RFID tags, the garment label can provide a more complete and satisfactory customer experience. We are talking about a new RFID solution of RFID for apparel, which provides the garment label of a UHF RFID antenna and another HF/NFC RFID antenna. The UHF antenna is ideal for RFID traceability in the supply chain and logistics management, however, with the HF/NFC antenna, we can provide the customer with a better experience and thus improve their satisfaction. For example, the customer can scan the NFC tag with his smartphone and obtain information about available sizes and colours, if the price is discounted, if he has a certificate of authenticity of the brand, or even participate in raffles and associated marketing actions to that product or brand, among other actions, which result in greater involvement of the customer with our store. If you want more information about this RFID solution, please contact us and ask our technician about the «dual RFID tag«.

Greater security for your retail business of clothing and accessories

Thanks to the radiofrequency traceability, marked garments are not lost, robberies are avoided, and their authenticity is assured. These three factors ultimately result in a reduction in expenses and losses. So an RFID system is always profitable, and in addition, it is also a very good investment.
Main image: by Yuriy Trubitsyn on Unsplash.

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