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The RFID for quality control in production processes

RFID for quality control in production processes is one of the applications of RFID technology, among the many and varied that exist, but, even so, with technological advances and the emergence of new needs, new applications and solutions are still being developed to respond to realities in constant transformation. In this previous article on RFID tags, you can find a very useful explanation about the main applications of RFID technology.

Here, we will explain how RFID technology contributes to better quality control in production processes.

Traceability in the manufacture of customized products

Nowadays, manufacturers face the challenge of meeting the demand for customized products, for example, car models configured according to customer preferences, or sports shoes with the combination of colours, materials and the size chosen by the buyer on the online store.

These current needs of manufacturers have increased the demand for RFID systems for traceability, due to their high data collection and management reliability and the increased profitability they entail. RFID systems operate in manufacturing in a transversal way contributing to the greater effectiveness in various processes, such as:

—In asset tracking,
—In the flow of materials,
—In control of production,
—On the follow up along the supply chain.

Today, having an RFID system implemented for traceability and quality control is the only way to operate with true business intelligence. The accuracy of the data thanks to RFID technology has allowed a greater development of automation in manufacturing. Avoiding manual collection errors and reducing process times, financially, the cost decreases while the quality increases.

Another advantage of the implementation of an RFID system in the production process is that it facilitates the visibility of the entire workflow. With this clearer visibility, a better and greater understanding of the processes from beginning to end is achieved. In this way, decision making is more accurate thanks to being further informed. A better decision, higher quality.

Security in the supply chain and workflow

With an RFID system increases the safety of products and machinery. The breakdowns of a machine are recorded on its RFID tag, as well as the repair actions, creating a report which is accessed quickly and effectively, so contributing to deciding and implementing better preventive actions to avoid production stoppages due to breakdowns. The costs of machine failures (production stoppages, manufacturing errors, repairs, replacement of components, etc.) are reduced by following this quality control system based on the application of RFID technology.

On the other hand, all the assets are fast located with accuracy, resulting in the quality of production. In other previous articles, we talked about how RFID technology saves costs by avoiding stock breakage or, on the contrary, excessive accumulation of a product, such as in this one dedicated to how to assess costs and benefits of RFID implementation.

The greater visibility in real-time, and in a very exact way of the entire supply chain is also a factor that ends up having a greater quality control in the production processes.

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Main photograph of Louis Reed on Unsplash.
The RFID for quality control in production processes