RFID solutions for apparel

There are several adequate smart labels that suit RFID systems designed for apparel. Here we are going to see the main RFID solutions for apparel. Trace-ID delivers these RFID tags as a standard format or customized.

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RFID solutions for apparel

Smart hangtags for apparel

In this format, the RFID inlay is inside the label and become invisible to the customer. Generally, these labels are made with paper. But also they are possible with other materials. Above all, the comparative advantages of this type of smart labels are two. In the first place, they can be fully printed with creative colour designs, as customer wishes. In the second place, the RFID inlay remains discreetly invisible inside.

RFID label for apparel

RFID stickers

As we already have explained in RFID tags page, the standard formats of RFID tags are “dry inlays”, “wets” and “white-wets”. As a rule, wets and white-wets are adhesive to be attached to boxes, papers, labels, bags, etc. But as a difference, the white-wets are printable because they have a front material that protects the chip. Wets are always transparent and they can’t be printed. On the other hand, depending on the position of PET material in wets, the chip is protected or not. Wets and white-wets are standard formats, so its size is very adjusted to the antenna’s size and is always the same size depending on the inlay’s model. Finally, in wets and white-wets the inlay’s position is always centred.

Customized stickers as RFID solutions for apparel

In opposite, when the sticker is a customized RFID tag, the size and the inlay’s position could be chosen by the customer. Besides, customized RFID labels are always printable.

Smart labels for apparel

RFID polyester labels

In the same way as the smart hangtags, in polyester labels, the RFID inlay remains invisible to the customer because it’s inserted between two polyester layers. Polyester labels can be sewn on clothes —but not directly, the better way to do that is to sew the smart label to a satin tab which is softer in order to be cut later, because the polyester label is quite tough. Another advantage of this kind of labels is that they can be printed as well. RFID polyester labels are the RFID solution for textile as well. The size and position of the inlay are personalized.


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