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TRACE ID Enters Exclusive Strategic Manufacturing and Channel Agreement with Identiv

Trace ID has signed an exclusive strategic agreement with a global leader in digital security and identification in the Internet of Things (IoT), a Spain-based leading provider of UHF RFID technology and solutions, to become the exclusive provider for Trace-ID’s complete line of specialty and industrial UHF RFID across North America.

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RFID identifiers plus know-how and resources


RFID identifiers plus know-how and resources
The future presents challenges that transform Industry 4.0.

The identification of the assets is the key to success facing the challenge of optimizing productivity, reducing costs, and increasing profits.

Trace-ID connects the present of companies with a future that is transformed at every step for the productive industry, mass consumer companies and the management of goods and services. Starting from the essential premises: the RFID identifier, the know-how and the resources.

Your company 4.0 in the cloud, anytime, anywhere, always ready and under control.


The challenges for an RFID consumables manufacturer are the logistics 4.0, the automation of industrial processes, the safety in facilities, the traceability of assets, the anti-theft systems, the tracking of patients in hospitals and their personalized medications, the customer service in retail, and many other. They also are great challenges of our time.

RFID technology has the key to solve these challenges. Furthermore, RFID technology is the solution for all of the challenges related to traceability. RFID technology is young and still has a long road of possibilities to develop ahead.

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Trace-ID is an RFID consumables manufacturer like inlays, tags, labels and specific RFID solutions. It’s also a distributor of RFID hardware. Trace-ID satisfies the companies need for their implemented RFID systems. With in house design capabilities, we can deliver both standard and customized RFID consumables according to the customer’s needs.

Since 2007, we have gathering expertise, specialized knowledge, qualified personnel, customers, partners and manufacturing infrastructures, for meeting the demands of the companies in logistics, industry and retail sectors.

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Trace-ID has become one of the most reliable partners in the RFID industry. Because of its focus on the product’s quality and customer service. But, Trace-ID has achieved it, also thanks to work with the best partners in the RFID industry.

On the one hand, Trace-ID is member of RAIN RFID alliance that aims to enable businesses and consumers to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage items in our everyday world. We are members too of BCL which groups together the companies in the logistics industry of Spain with Barcelona as a vector.

On the other hand, Trace-ID supplies RFID hardware from the main providers like CSL, Times-7, Impinj and Zebra.


the importance of being an RFID consumables manufacturer

Trace-ID has complete manufacturing capabilities thanks to own a factory with the most modern machinery. Also thanks to having in-house research and development resources in order to constantly update its products. Both two factors combining to improve day by day the goods we supplied. Furthermore, we are able to customize the RFID labels for our customers according to their need because of our development and manufacturing capacity.

So, when we receive an RFID tags petition, we can propose the best offer because we aren’t intermediaries but producers, and even designers sometimes.

Currently, our customers belong to the business sectors below:

  • 50% from logistics,
  • 32% from apparel,
  • 11% from pharma,
  • 2% from the food industry,
  • 5% from health, animal farming, and industrial automation.

Our customer loyalty indicates our good performance along all these years since 2007. We value our annual growth in turnover and number of clients as clear proof of good work.

Trace-ID is competitive among other bigger than us in a very young and competitive industrial area, the RFID technology industry, doing its best to offer to our customers the best deal and service.

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