RFID bonding production in Europe by the hand of Trace-ID and Mühlbauer

Trace-ID has trebled its capacity of high-speed bonding RFID thanks to the DDA40.000 of Mühlbauer.

A year ago, Trace-ID added to their manufacturing machinery the DDA40.000 to increase the production capacity of our factory that currently works three shifts from Monday to Friday.

This goal has been achieved more than enough, and we can say that thanks to the Mühlbauer chip attach solution DDA40.000, Trace-ID is able to take over the production volume of RFID dry inlays that the latest market needs demands.

In addition to this, the DDA fulfil the promised performance after reading and listening to all the information from Mühlbauer before the buy.

Trace-ID not only invested in a new machine, but we were also setting the course for the future successful cases with Mühlbauer’s highly efficient solution.

The advantages of owning the state-of-the-art DDA40.000

Trace-ID has the capacity for any production volume and is also flexible for the bonding production upgrade of the next stage. The market is growing annually by 20%, therefore growth adaptability is critical.

For our major satisfaction, Mühlbauer provides us with the best service post-sale to solve any issue and support us with upgrades at any time thanks to their broad network of service engineers around the globe.

All this culminates in the best partnership to move forward together improving RFID solutions of both in a very dynamic industry like RFID technology.

Trace-ID is nowadays the leading RFID manufacturer of inlays and tags in southern Europe, and one of the most valued in Europe.

At the risk of sounding like a tech nerd, we don’t want to close this article without showing you the “beauty” of DDA40.000. Please, click the vídeo and enjoy!