Our latest news! The R3741L RFID dual tag will revolutionize the apparel retail improving logistics management and the customer’s shopping experience.


We are part of RAIN RFID alliance!

As developers and RFID tags manufacturers, we keep up to date with all the innovations that arise in the field of RFID technology. Belonging to a network like RAIN RFID not only puts us in contact with competing companies and professionals in our sector but also offers us the opportunity to better understand the technological needs of the market immediately.

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RFID Solutions Applications

Multiple organizations use the RFID tags and solutions offered by Trace ID to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of traceability and security of their products in supply chains, in logistics management and in the creation and updating of inventories.

Our Partners

We are pleased to work with leading international partners in RFID technology to offer RFID solutions and services tailored to each client.

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