Trace-ID joins RAIN RFID Alliance

We are pleased to announce that Trace ID is already part of the RAIN RFID Alliance, which promotes the universal adoption of UHF RFID technology as a wireless technology that connects everyday elements to the Internet, allowing businesses and consumers to identify, locate, authenticate and engage items from our everyday world.

What can Trace ID offer to RAIN RFID?

The reasons why we are happy to belong to this commercial association are diverse. Trace ID is a manufacturer of RFID inlays and tags and operates worldwide, and we can offer standard and customized RFID solutions. These customization capabilities include an adapted antenna and mechanical design, the printing of illustrations, or data programming.

We are proud to work with the world leaders in the industry to distribute RFID supplies too.

All this experience, plus the persistence in quality and service, make Trace ID one of the most reliable partners in the RFID industry.

Making a path together

Day by day, Trace ID is more and more specialized in UHF tags and inlays manufacturing, so being part of the RAIN RFID alliance is essential for us. For our future development and to take advantage of the opportunities that RAIN RFID can offer. We are also excited to be at the beginning of the RAIN RFID global alliance. We feel that, in some way, we are making history in RFID technology.