The best retail customer experience thanks to RFID

RFID for the best retail customer experience
In the previous article on this blog, we talked about the benefits that RFID technology brings to retailers, from absolute inventory control to an increase in sales. In the current article, we are going to show some of the main advantages for customers in the retail industry with RFID. All these advantages lead to better customer experience, considering that competitiveness nowadays is hard and that a happy customer with our services is more likely to become a loyal buyer who will return to our brick and mortar store, all efforts to improve the customer experience are essential.

Avoid out-of-stock with RFID for retail

Time is one of the most valuable dimensions of our lives and no one likes to waste time going to a store to pick up something that is finally not available. With RFID technology, retailers can update their inventories instantly and have them online for customers to consult. They can also be aware of what are the fluctuations in sales, the preferred products of their customers and those that least interest them. In addition, they can ensure that they will never be short of these important products.
When customers do not find the products they are looking for, they quickly come to the competition and are more likely not to return. They consider, correctly, that it is a waste of time to go to a store to buy a product that they do not find there.
If buyers can verify the availability of a product on the company’s website and the nearest store where they can pick it up, they are using their time profitably and are satisfied with this service. On the other hand, if they can always get what they are looking for on the shelf, they are more likely to return to the store.

Updated and complete information of the product always available

After considering all the above advantages of having an inventory instantly updated, offline and online. There are even more benefits to mention. For example, what about being able to reserve an item in the e-shop to pick it up in an hour in the brick and mortar store? Or what about booking a product that is in another store to pick it up at the nearest store?
With a good data programming plan, the possibilities of the RFID system are enormous and customers will enjoy an excellent service that leads to a loyal relationship with the company.

Purchase experience adapted to customer preferences

The RFID system not only gives us information about the items. It also gives us valuable information about buyers. Each customer with a loyalty card has a private profile where store clerks or customer service agents can find sizes, colours, prices, quantities, etc., that they particularly buy. Because the RFID system provides extensive and detailed information about the items that customers buy, everything depends on the data stored in each RFID tag. This way, the offers, promotions and suggestions that a customer receives can be adapted to their preferences.

Faster check outlines

Another factor of customer satisfaction is the waiting time on the check-out line. A practical check out line where buyers pass through quickly and payment is made with a credit card or smartphone is an increasingly appreciated service.
Thanks to all these reasons, the RFID technology applied in retailing has as a result the best retail customer experience!
Main picture by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash.


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