RFID bonding production in Europe by the hand of Trace-ID and M├╝hlbauer

Trace-ID and M├╝hlbauer: RFID bonding production in Europe.

The DDA40.000 has been a crucial addition to increase our capacity and meet the growing market demand. Since its implementation a year ago, we have been operating in three shifts from Monday to Friday to ensure efficient and high-quality production.

This chip embedding solution has exceeded our expectations, delivering exceptional performance after careful analysis of the information provided by M├╝hlbauer.

Trace-ID not only invested in acquiring this new machine but also focused on preparing for future challenges and successes with M├╝hlbauer’s highly efficient solution.

The benefits of the lastest-generation DDA40.000

Trace-ID now possesses a versatile production capacity for bonding RFID that can handle any volume. With the market growing at an annual rate of 20%, adaptability to growth and changing needs is crucial.

Furthermore, M├╝hlbauer provides us with excellent post-sales service through its extensive network of service engineers worldwide. This ensures that we have the necessary support to resolve any issues and receive updates whenever required.

This strategic partnership allows us to advance together and continuously improve RFID solutions in such a dynamic industry as RFID technology.

Trace-ID has established itself as a leading manufacturer of RFID inlays and tags in Southern Europe, gaining recognition for our quality and expertise throughout the region.

To further appreciate the benefits of the DDA40.000, we invite you to watch the attached video and witness this impressive technology in action.

At Trace-ID, we are committed to excellence and innovation in the field of RFID bonding. Our partnership with M├╝hlbauer drives us to develop cutting-edge solutions and provide quality service to our customers.

Join us on this exciting journey towards the future of RFID bonding!

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