Anti-counterfeiting labels for premium product brands

Anti-counterfeiting labels for premium product brands
Counterfeiting is a problem affecting the overall market, but especially brands that produce exclusive products. That counterfeits supplant their products causes them always fatal damage because they lose the trust of customers and their products are devalued. Fortunately, RFID tags are standard as anti-counterfeiting tags.

RFID logistics system protects brand

The implementation of an RFID system in supply chain management allows:
1. Verify the authenticity of an item, its origin and supply route.
2. Avoid counterfeiting.

Items in a brand have a value based on being able to prove their authenticity to ensure their quality. The counterfeit trade erodes the prestige of your brand. The existence of counterfeits that reach the consumer devalues the products and decreases the confidence that the consumer had placed in a company.

In order to maintain and regain the trust of clients and consumers, it needs to ensure the authenticity of its products and combat counterfeiting until it disappears.

How RFID tags fight counterfeits

RFID tags give the product a unique identification number for each item, allowing it to track and make visible its transit from the beginning of the supply chain until it reaches the retail store. This allows its absolute guarantee of authenticity in distribution operations.
If in addition, these RFID tags are of the Dual Tag model (which combines UHF and NFC) this warranty is also visible by the end consumers through the NFC application of their smartphones.

Anti-counterfeiting labels on packaging

Premium products are often in a luxurious box or packaging that gives them protection and a distinguished look. Make sure these containers, wrappers and boxes have the anti-counterfeiting labels your brand deserves.

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