RFID tags’ read ranges

One of the features consulted to decide which RFID tag is the most efficient is the reading range. The reading distance of an RFID inlay is not in itself better or worse. The right question is not how far the label is readable, but how far it should be read. The RFID tags’ read ranges are defined by the system in which they are to work.

In Trace-ID we offer a wide catalogue of UHF RFID tags with different reading ranges ranging from 20 cm to 24 m.


UHF RFID Tag Catalogue

RFID tags' read ranges

It should be borne in mind that these reading ranges are calculated in “the air”, that is, in an ideal testing environment where there is no interference from materials from the environment, nor from materials of the construction of the custom label.

To limit the RFID identifiers’ read ranges according to distance

On the other hand, the RFID system can select which RFID chips to read based on their distance. because the signal arrives with different intensities depending on the distance to the reader at which the tag is located.

This means that the middleware accepts or rejects the reading of an RFID identifier depending on the strength of the signal that the RFID reader receives. In this way, an item is better located and interference is avoided.

in short, the R+D+i team will guide you correctly on which RFID tag will work most efficiently on your RFID system. On the other hand, if what you need is to start with the implementation of the RFID system, it will also offer you contact with the engineering and specialized consultancies that best suit your needs.

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