The RFID solutions


RFID solutions are products for specific RFID systems. As an example, they fit RFID deployments where the performance of radiofrequency is compromised. Because some characteristics of the objects or the environment can compromise the RFID performance. As another example, they suit RFID deployments that share the same needs because they are from the same business sector. In both cases, we create a standard commodity.

As a rule, the elements that can get worse the RFID performance are metals and water. As well as greases and dust. That’s why we supply RFID solutions for metals, sports timing, and washing.

On the other hand, some RFID labels are expressly designed to optimize its performance for specific businesses needs. For example, jewelry, food, and logistics.

Besides developing and manufacturing RFID inlays and tags, Trace-ID also creates RFID solutions

RFID Solution for apparel

Smart labels designed for the retailing of apparel. But also for shoes and accessories. Go to >

RFID Solution for textile

Polyester tickets for bed linen, table covers, towels, and other textile products. Go to >

RFID Solution for jewelry

Small RFID tags for small and valuable products like jewels and watches. Go to >

RFID Solution for the food industry

Especial smart labels for food produced with materials which are compliant the food directives. Go to >

RFID Solution for metals

RFID stickers for metal objects like laptops, appliances, and other electronic devices. Go to >

RFID Solution for sports timing

RFID stickers to trace races participants. Go to >

RFID Solution for laundry

Smart tags to control the use of textile pieces whose need to be washed many times. For example, firefighters uniforms. Go to >

RFID Solution for logistics

A varied range of smart labels for logistics from returnable transport units to pallets and boxes and bags. Go to >

RFID Solution for industrial automation

Several of our RFID solutions suit control systems for the industrial automation, depending on specific characteristics of items to trace and the environment features. Go to >

Don't you find the RFID solution you wish?

Trace-ID customizes a solution tailored to your needs


Regularly Trace-ID provides RFID solutions as commodities. In other words, they are previously designed to suit different RFID deployments with the same problem to solve. But sometimes we develop an RFID solution tailored to customer needs. As we already have said, Trace-ID has the developing capability of smart labels. Consequently, we can design and produce a customized RFID solution. Always together with the client and our partners. Finally, all of our tags and solutions are compatible with RAIN RFID.

Let us know your needs and we will see how we can to help you

Precisely, the design and production of RFID solutions is a big challenge. Since the customer starts from an issue which makes difficult the RFID performance. Or maybe the starting point is a peculiarity where a standard RFID product can’t make its best. Anyway, whether will be one or another the reason, customers need an RFID solution that fits their systems. That’s why it’s very important for us to closely work with our customers to find out how to solve their RFID problems.