RFID tags for apparel retailing, how to choose correctly

RFID tags for apparel retailing

How to choose correctly?

If your company is involved in retail clothing sales, it is essential to find tags that best suit your retail business. In addition to the size of the RFID tag, factors such as reading distance and speed should be taken into account, as well as other variables related to the physical environment where the RFID system will be implemented.

In this regard, UHF RFID tags stand out for offering excellent logistical management of products. But what if you could take advantage of other benefits that RFID technology offers? For example, thanks to NFC technology, the benefits of RFID technology can be extended from manufacturers and distributors to end customers in the retail store. How? We’ll explain it to you right now.

A dual RFID tag for retail that combines UHF and HF

RFID tags can be UHF or HF depending on the frequency at which the antennas operate. At Trace ID, we have developed a tag that combines both antennas in a single chip prepared for this purpose. We are talking about our recent launch, the R3741L Dual Tag. This innovative tag enhances the shopping experience and contributes to customer loyalty while optimizing logistical management.

UHF technology is perfectly integrated into RAIN RFID technology, allowing for optimal management of assets in the supply chain, logistics, and real-time inventory updates.

On the other hand, HF technology is compatible with NFC technology. This means that anyone with a smartphone equipped with NFC hardware can scan the tag antenna to access the data stored in it through a wireless communication protocol.

What are the benefits for clothing buyers in the store?

By scanning the tag with their mobile phones, store customers can access product information such as available colors and sizes, price, and whether it is on sale, among other useful data. Additionally, they can be offered sweepstakes and other marketing actions aimed at customer loyalty.

In the following video, you can see a summary of the R3741L Dual Tag or download the explanatory brochure at this link.

As you have seen, acquiring RFID tags for your retail business can represent a significant step forward in terms of logistics and sales. Are you ready to take that step? Feel free to contact us!

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