RFID tags for apparel retailing, how to choose correctly

To buy RFID tags for apparel you must first consider what are the environmental characteristics where they must operate, in order to choose the right ones for an optimal RFID system performance in your business.

If your company is in the retail clothing field, you should find the label that best suits your retail business. Size of the RFID tag, distance and reading speed, are three fundamental aspects to assess, in addition to other variables such as the physical environment in which the RFID system will be implemented.

Given these conditions, a UHF RFID tag is imposed for excellent logistic management of the products. But, what if you could take advantage of other benefits that an RFID tag can offer? For example, thanks to NFC technology, the benefits of RFID technology can be extended from manufacturers and distributors to the shoppers in a retail store. How? Right now we tell you, keep reading!

A dual RFID tag for retail that combines UHF and HF

The RFID tags are UHF or HF depending on their antennas frequency. In Trace ID we have developed a label that combines both antennas sharing a chip designed to work this way.

We are talking about our recent release R3741L Dual Tag. This new label improves the shopping experience by impacting on customer loyalty while managing logistics.

The UHF is perfectly integrated into RAIN RFID technology for optimal management of assets in the supply chain, in logistics and for real-time feeding and updating of inventories.

On the other hand, the HF is compatible with NFC technology. NFC technology allows anyone who owns a smartphone with this hardware and thanks to a wireless communication protocol, scan the antenna to access the data stored in it.

What are the benefits of the shopper in the store?

The customer of the store, scanning the label with his mobile phone, can access information about the product such as the colours and sizes available, the price, and if it is discounted, among other useful information… You can also be offered raffles or other marketing actions aimed at customer loyalty.

In the following video, you can see a summary of the tag R3741L Dual Tag or you can download the explanatory brochure on this link.

You have already seen that to buy RFID tags for your retail business can mean a step forward in terms of logistics and sales. Do you want to take that step? Contact us!