NXP ucode8 Chips

Common applications

Apparel, retail, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and supply chain.

Minimum order quantity: 10,000 units.
Average units per roll: TBD.

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Since our birth in 2007, trace ID has all the necessary machinery for the complete manufacture of an RFID tag in our facilities in Barcelona. Trace ID has become one of the most trusted partners in the r i d industry. Thanks to the latest generation Muhlbauer machinery both for the link (being the only ones in Spain to carry out this process) and for the conversion, we can offer maximum customization to all our clients.

General characteristics

Dimensions of the inlay Wet / White Wet: 55 x 34 mm.
Antenna dimensions: 60 x 30 mm.
Standard pitch: 36.6mm.
Operating Frequency: Global (860-960MHz).
For all NXP family tags: ucode8, 8m.
EPC memory: 128-bit, 96-bit.
User memory: 0 bits, 32 bits.
TID memory: 96-bit with unique 48-bit serial number
Label substrate material: PET.
Label to liner adhesive: SH3020 (Arconvert).
Liner material: CC62 (Arconvert).
Total thickness over the chip: 170 microns.
Standard band width: 110mm
Unwind direction: Label side out
RF Protocol: Compliant with RAINRFID/ISO-18000-63 and EPCglobal Gen 2v2
RoHS: Compliant with EU Directive 2011/65
Quality Control: 100% Tested for reading without tolerance on the label
Operating temperature: –40ºC to 85ºC
IMPINJ ZEBRA NXP Voyantic Zabala Sato

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