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RFID tags developer

Trace-ID, as an RFID tags developer, has the below points in its mission

Our mission as an RFID tags developer and manufacturer of high-quality RFID labels with Research and Development resources and complete manufacturing capabilities.

  1. To develop easy and scalable RFID solutions to trace all kind of products.
  2. To collaborate with our customers and partners in their continuous improvements of the RFID implementation.
  3. To continuously analyze production costs and customers needs in order to up-to-date the added value of their products.
  4. To own up-to-date RFID inlay production in order to give the customer the most appropriated product to his necessities.
  5. A continuous investigation to improve the current RFID components in order to create implementable solutions to the at the moment non-traceable processes or products.
  6. Last but not least, to offer to our customers the best service always aiming for excellence.


Business sectors where you find our RFID identifiers

Business sectors where are used our RFID identifiers
Apparel, Shoes, Jewellery, Watches, Furniture, Appliances, Food, Beverages, Healthcare consumables, Pharma and Cosmetics products, Books, Media archives, Automotive components, Pallets, Containers, Tools, and so on.

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Customer service

Trace-ID’s customer service is based at the first place in a true attentiveness to the customer’s needs and idiosyncrasy; at the second place, in deep technical knowledge of the product and of the market where we are in; and at the third place, in a goal-oriented focus to achieve a satisfactory win-win for every part.

Development resources

The industry of RFID technology is young, very dynamic and grows very fast. Trace-ID is also young but for more than a decade have been gathering expertise, technical knowledge, development resources, trustable partners, and manufacturing infrastructures.

We are manufacturers and developers of RFID inlays and tags with complete manufacturing capabilities and in-house development resources. We can deliver both standard and customized RFID consumables. Customization capabilities include a tailored antenna, mechanical design, printing, and coding.

Commitment to quality

Trace-ID executes diverse quality controls. First, with the product’s testing control of our Mühlbauer machinery. On the other hand, we also use RFID testing and measurement solutions of Voyantic. Finally, our production’s team follows updated quality protocols in order to continuously improve.