RFID solution for textile

If your business is about fabric sold by the meter, you may need smart labels to tag your products with a friendly material that you can sew or adhesive on the fabric. The RFID solution for textile that we can deliver is made with polyester top and bottom layers, but it is also possible to combine the polyester front face with other materials. Besides, the ticket could be adhesive or not. Anyway, don’t hesitate to ask us for an RFID solution that suits your needs.

RFID for textile

Sewn smart labels for textile

As we have said in RFID solutions for apparel, this smart label can be sewn on the fabric. But we recommend to don’t do that directly. It’s better to sew the smart label to a satin tab softer in order to be cut later because the polyester label is quite tough.

Generally, the design and production of RFID solutions involve the work of several agents. That’s why Trace-ID works together with trustable partners to offer the best solution to the client.

RFID solutions for textile

Ticket, adhesive or not, easy RFID solution for textile

This polyester smart label is enough durable to be stuck or staple. As you can see in the picture, they are tickets, in other words, the RFID inlay is inserted between two layers and remains invisible and protected. There are many options to build tickets. If you want to know more, contact us!