RFID solution for jewelry

The RFID solution for jewelry is specially designed to suit jewels that need to be traced and safe of theft, losses and counterfeiting. We are aware that jewels are valuable items. But they are difficult to tag because of its size.

RFID solution for jewelry

RFID tag for jewels

Trace-ID is precisely a specialist in this kind of RFID consumables. Years of experience selling this product guarantee us. During all this time of expertise, we have developed an RFID solution for small items like rings, necklaces, earrings and even watches.

Our RFID tag for jewelry and bijoux is discreet and soft. We know that our customers need RFID tags for jewels very discreet. At the same time, they need that it secures the product’s safety.

Finally, thanks to the tag’s shape it’s easy to link to items.

Discreet RFID solution for jewelry

RFID hardware to complete the RFID solution for jewelry

Depending on the features of the client’s RFID deployment, we can deliver the best devices that fit the most.

Trace-ID can supply hardware from CSL and Times-7 and others that you find in our RFID hardware page.

Our team will do its best to offer the best consumables and hardware for your RFID system for jewelry, bijoux and watches. Just ask us for your solution.