CSL UHF RFID devices for assets tracking

Handheld CS108 with or without 2D barcode reader

Handheld CS108 with or without 2D barcode readerCS108 Sled Handheld Reader is the longest read range UHF RFID handheld sled reader in the world. It works with all Android phones or iPhones. It enables lightning fast inventory of items on pallets, warehouse shelves, moving vehicles, and other tagged items in business processes where fixed reader class performance is required in a portable device. CS108 is used globally in many mission critical government, industrial and commercial applications.

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Fixed intelligent reader CS463 "plug & play"

Fixed intelligent reader CS463CS463 is the next generation of intelligent fixed readers from CSL. Offering an event engine with  multiple layer nested logic for full embedded business automation. The CS463 offers an edge server to allow easy HTTP access for configuration, status monitoring, and direct RFID inventory. Offering Cloud server connectivity for fully synchronized ubiquitous operation anywhere, and allowing remote installation and configuration (demonstration purpose only, user can use sample source codes to port to their own Cloud). CS463 has a rich API compatibility portfolio, including the CSL HTTP/XML protocol with full event engine management, CSL Unified Protocol, LLRP Protocol, and MACH1 protocol, Custom Embedded HTTP RFID and the CS108 Bluetooth API. The CS463 reader connects to sensors and peripherals via its optically isolated GPIO, USB and serial connections. The event engineinside CS463 integrates all these sensors and RFID inventory operationseamlessly to attain sensor fusion so that business processes can be further programmed inside the CS463 to make decisions and then in turn effect external peripherals, such as activating stack lights, gate barriers, etc. CS463 comes with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity making it the easiest connectible reader in the market. CS463 has a fully open Linux OS for ease of application development.

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Linear Polarized RFID Far Field Antenna CS772

Linear Polarized RFID Far Field Antenna CS772CS772 is a linear polarized UHF RFID Far Field antenna for long-range operation where the tag polarization is known and controllable. The antenna connects via a 3-meter cable to a TNC Reverse Polarity plug connector that is compatible with CS461 fixed reader.

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Brickyard Near Field Antenna CS777

Brickyard Near Field Antenna CS777The CS777 near-field reader antenna is a key enabling technology for UHF Gen2 Item-Level Tagging systems. The CS-777 is optimized to read near-field tags placed on products with a variety of packaging options including plastic bottles and metal foil blister packs as well as different contents such as powders, pills and even liquids. It can be used in retail and pharmaceutical applications, library systems, document control, check out counters and many other applications requiring a short and constrained read range. The Brickyard antenna is designed for operation with the CSL RFID reader (CS-461), Impinj Speedway® readers as well as other “Powered by Impinj” RFID readers.

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Square Near Field Antenna CS778

Square Near Field Antenna CS778CS778 is a UHF RFID Near Field antenna for item level tagging. Near field technology allows the tagging of items rich in water content, such as food and pharmaceutical products. Designed to work in POS counter, factory production line, distribution center, hospital, casino gambling table, and other places, this square antenna allows reading of near field tags in the UHF band, with exceptional read range and read rate. Its square nature also allows it to be easily modularly combined.

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Ultra-Thin RFID Antenna CS790
Ultra-Thin RFID Antenna CS790The CS790 antenna is an extremely thin mono static antenna for use with high performance UHF RFID readers, such as CS468 or CS461 readers. Its extremely thin form factor allows it to be used in applications that have limited space for antenna mounting, such as display cabinet, smart-shelf and conveyor-belts, etc. Thus, this antenna is the best choice for using in retail applications, production line, document control, and any applications require thin form factor antenna. Go to datasheet >
Circular Polarized RFID Far Field Antenna CS771S

Circular Polarized RFID Far Field Antenna CS771SCS771S Circular Polarized RFID Far Field Antenna is a duplexed antenna (i.e., same antenna for transmit and receive). The antenna connects to one coaxial cable that links it to an antenna port of a RFID reader via a SMA reverse polarity coaxial connector.

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Thin and Powerful Antenna CS776
Thin and Powerful Antenna CS776CS776 Thin antenna is a powerful monostatic antenna for use with the CS468INT, CS469, CS463 for ultra-long-range high sensitivity tag reading. The antenna has industrial leading circular polarization properties to enable the best read of tags of all orientation as they approach the sweet zone of the antenna. The antenna has excellent beam width and front-to-end ratio. Go to datasheet >