Returnable RFID tags for reusing

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Reach the next level in logistics and intralogistics optimization with returnable RFID tags.

At Trace-ID we provide you with specialized knowledge, development and manufacturing resources so that you obtain the desired results from the management of returnable and reusable pallets, containers and packaging.

Returnable RFID Tags

  • Durable, resistant and that they adhere strongly to a wide variety of surfaces, from wood to plastic, glass or metal.
  • Customized with different materials to support industrial washing and disinfection processes.
  • Printed or printable to combine them with other systems such as the barcode or QR.
  • Various RFID inlay configurations for a wide range of reading ranges (ask for distances).
  • RFID manufacturing and in-house testing with high-quality standards.

Don’t wait any longer to achieve the goals you are pursuing, contact Trace-ID today and improve your return and reuse systems for pallets, containers and packaging.

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