UHF RFID inlay TF34 Satellite

UHF RFID tag TF34 Satellite

Monza 4D / E / QT chips

TF34 antenna’s size: 26 x 16 mm
Wet / white-wet’s size: 29 x 19 mm
Approximate read range: 2.5 m

The UHF RFID tag TF34 Satellite is a smart label that suits a wide broad range of possibilities, whether in the field of retailing or in the field of the supply chain. Its size and read-range make it an excellent choice for cosmetics, pharmaceutics, and other items of medium/small size.

We can deliver this RFID tag, and all of our tags, in different formats, from the standard ones like dry inlay, wet, and white-wet, to a customized RFID label according to the customer needs regarding size, colour, shape, front-face material, and other considerations.

The customization’s features also depend on the RFID application where the RFID system will be applied.

Another RFID that you may be interested in is the TB36 Ringtrace.


Wet / White Wet Inlay dimensions: 29 x 19 mm
—Antenna dimensions: 26 x 16 mm
Standard pitch: 28 mm
Operating frequency: Global (860 – 960 MHz)
Chip: IMPINJ Monza 4D/E/QT
EPC Memory: 128/496/128 bits
USER Memory: 32/128/512 bits
TID Memory: 96 bits, preencoded for multivendor chip (MCS) based serialization, factory programmed
Inlay substrate material: PET
Inlay-to-liner adhesive: SH3020 (Arconvert)
Liner material: CC62 (Arconvert)
Total thickness over chip: 187 microns
Standard web width: 40 mm
Unwind direction: Label side out
RF Protocol: ISO-18006-C, EPC Class 1, Gen 2
RoHS: EU Directive 2011/65 EU Compliant
Quality assurance: 100% read tested with out-of-tolerance inlay marked
Operating temperature: –40ºC to 85ºC


  • Apparel
  • Retail
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharma
  • Supply chain
  • Logistics
  • Inventory