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Best wishes to you all!

2018 has been a great year for Trace ID as an RFID manufacturer and converter, and we hope that also for you all.
Besides, we are excited about the next year 2019, we have some novelties in the oven, about which you will know very soon!

All the team from Trace ID wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We are looking forward to hearing from you afterwards. See you in 2019!

We are closed from December 22 to January 1 both included.

If you have an unavoidable urgency, please write to and your message will be sent to the responsible and adequate person.

RFID manufacturer Trace ID factory

RFID Converting hall in Trace ID factory.

The team of Trace ID is glad to confirm we have grown in staff, sales, machinery, and space. As an RFID manufacturer, converter and RFID hardware distributor settled in Barcelona with a worldwide operation, our horizon ahead is exciting. Read on to know more.


RFID tag R3741L

RFID tag R3741L will improve customers experience

We will surprise you with an RFID tag that is not only useful for logistics management. It also amplifies and improves the final customer experience. A Dual Tag that combines the UHF and the HF compatible with NFC.

Best wishes to you all!