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Fresh summer news about the newest RFID tag and more …

The end of summer holidays is around the corner for many of you and Trace ID wishes you are having a great time of resting and joy. We are very excited about the novelties we have in the oven for when you are back, like our newest RFID tag, for example, and we will launch them after the deserved summer rest. Furthermore, we have some interesting news! Keep reading to know more:

First of all, new products!

RFID Dual Frequency Tag

We are working on an RFID Dual Frequency Inlay combining HF and UHF frequencies in one single tag equipped with one HF antenna and one UHF antenna. The purpose is meeting retail demands like product authentication or the management of loyalty programs, with other industrial or logistics requirements like inventory management for warehouses or products worldwide traceability.


The new METALTRACE is a revolutionary RFID smart label that works on metallic and non-metallic assets. The label can incorporate human readable printing, barcodes, and graphics. It has an extremely low profile, and it’s flexible to suit curved surfaces such as the contour of metallic cylinders and drums. The METALTRACE is cost-effective and versatile for a wide range of applications from product authentication and IT asset tracking, to the global tracking of assets shipped and anti-counterfeiting of high-value items and medical supplies.

Brand new factory!

Our machinery and production are growing day by day, that’s why we have moved our factory to a bigger and better building.

And if all this were not enough for you, be tunned, because we will continue working hard to surprise you!

Fresh summer news about the newest RFID tag and more …