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The new RFID tag TH-Wing from Trace ID improves RFID implementations in retail

Trace ID’s new TH-Wing UHF RFID tag improves the sensibility and the performance despite its small size. The new antenna TH-Wing of Trace ID measures only 43,8 x 30 mm but shows a high sensibility for this size and better performance than its predecessors in the market.

This RFID antenna has been specially designed for apparel industry, that’s why this tag can be equipped with any chip from IMPINJ Monza R6 family (Monza R6, Monza R6-A, Monza R6-P), which are precisely optimized for serializing items such as apparel, electronics, cosmetics, documents and jewelry. The Monza R6 tag chip includes revolutionary technologies such as automatic performance adjustments and encoding diagnostics that reinforce the position of the Monza tag chip family as the RFID industry leader.

RFID tag for retailing TH-Wing from Trace ID

New RFID tag TH-Wing specially designed for apparel RFID deployments and logistics

The Monza R6 tag chip family fully supports all requirements of the Gen2 specification as well as many optional commands and features, you can find all the features of Monza R6 chip family here. Optimized for item-level tagging, Monza R6 tag chips offer EPC memory of up to 96 bits, serialized TID. In addition, advanced Monza features result in a more effective inventory, Monza tag chips support two unique, patent-pending features designed to boost inventory performance for traditional EPC and TID-based applications.

Beyond the benefits of its small size, better performance and sensibility, and revolutionary chip,  the new Trace ID’s TH-Wing is available customized according the client needs as a dry inlay, wet or white wet inlay, with face sheet of different materials like white or clear polypropylene, vellum paper or other, and finally, cut shape and size of tags can be also customized on demand.

TH-Wing is a good choice too for other RFID deployments like logistics or libraries. If you need more information about TH-Wing or other of our products don’t hesitate to write us at or visit our website

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The new RFID tag TH-Wing from Trace ID improves RFID implementations in retail