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Second day at EuroShop 2020

When it was announced on the night of February 12 that the Mobile World Congress was canceled because of the fear of Coronavirus (now baptized as Covid-19), in Trace ID we were worried that the EuroShop fair would also be canceled or that attendance would be greatly reduced. We were determined to attend, and here we are, enjoying networking opportunities, getting new customers, learning and meeting new trends in the industry. We still do not know the final numbers of companies that have canceled their exhibitor or if the attendance of visitors has dropped. But from our perspective, the halls are full enough of visitors and there is no void in the spaces that indicate last-minute cancellations.

EuroShop is the largest and more important fair in the world dedicated to retail industry, and that has a reason. The 17 halls are full of stands built and designed with excellence. Whatever you may need within the retail industry, you will find it here, from marketing and event organization, to refrigeration and energy management, through lighting, decoration and store design, and obviously, our sector, retail technology.

People from all over the world are interested in knowing more about RFID technology and also professionals who already have an RFID system in place and are interested in our RFID tags for clothing, books, machinery or logistics businesses.

Our lesson, this time, is that we must never let fear decide. The opportunities are for those who keep their hearts warm and their heads cool.

Second day at EuroShop 2020