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As an RFID tags manufacturer, attend LogiMAT 2019 is essential. Meet us there!

The first event of the year where Trace ID will attend in 2019, will be the prestigious international fair LogiMAT 2019, from February 19 to 21 in Stuttgart, this year it’s specialized on the technology for “smart warehouses”, for which RFID tags are essential as a part of any RFID system. We hope to see many customers, partners, competitors, and of course, meet new professionals from multiple sectors that can become customers and partners. Trace ID has gone through a long and very exciting journey as an RFID tag manufacturer to earn its place in this new and emerging industry.

The industry of RFID technology is very dynamic and grows very fast despite its short time of existence. Even so, Trace ID was established in 2007 as a first RFID tags manufacturer in Spain, and one of the most important pioneer companies in Europe with a complete capacity of RFID tags production. With more than eleven years old, Trace ID has become one of the most trustable partners in this industry for its long experience and its persistence to offer the best quality. Gathering experience in the RFID industry, specialized knowledge, and manufacturing infrastructures.

We are manufacturers and developers of RFID inlays and tags. Trace ID has complete manufacturing capabilities and in-house research and development resources. We can deliver both standard and customized RFID products of inlays, tags and labels. Customization capabilities include a tailored antenna and mechanical design, artwork printing and data programming.

Trace ID is a leading provider of RFID technology and solutions in Spain with a worldwide operation. We have complete RFID designing capabilities with in-house research and development resources, and we execute the quality control through RFID testing and measurement solutions of Voyantic.

RFID Solutions

Trace ID provides RFID tags specially designed for RFID deployments in the logistics and the supply chain fields, in the retailing area like apparel or jewelry, in the cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the healthcare sector, or even in libraries for all kind of files and documents, the RFID deployments may be very varied.
Some of the most successful Trace ID’s RFID solutions are deployments in the food sector, specifically in the ham industry, or in special solutions on foam designed for a high metal density environments, deployments in sports timing, and in jewelry. We can deliver both standard and customized RFID products of inlays, tags, and labels.

RFID tags manufacturerAs an RFID tags manufacturer and converter, we can deliver from RFID dry inlays to customized RFID tags.

RFID tags production

Headquarters and factory are located in Barcelona, well connected to the industrial and logistics area Hospitalet del Llobregat, equidistant and close to the shipping port, airport, and major road networks.
Due to the growth that Trace ID has experienced in a sustained manner over time, but especially during the last two years, we have moved to a larger factory, expanding machinery and staff, so we are prepared to face new challenges that the RFID industry poses maintaining the quality and service that characterizes us.

The factory equipment includes

Bonding machines from Mühlbauer. In these machines, the chips are assembled to the antennas becoming dry inlays.
Converting machines, some from Mühlbauer and some from Impak. In them, those inlays are transformed into the appropriate formats for the client’s need, whether wets, white wets or RFID labels.
At the end of the production process, we have printing and coding lines.

RFID Converting hall in Trace ID factory.

After all this information, you know who we are and we will be glad to receive you at our stand ES40 of LogiMAT 2019. If you are not going to attend, but you want to contact us, don’t hesitate to write to us at

As an RFID tags manufacturer, attend LogiMAT 2019 is essential. Meet us there!