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RFID tags by Trace ID: TH-Wing

The tag TH-Wing is, among our RFID tags for the retail industry, the most suitable in RFID systems for apparel by size and range.

The regular format we provide RFID tags is as “wet” or “white wet”, which means that the tag is adhesive without a paper face or with a white paper face. The support and face materials are varied and the sizes of the die can also vary within a range of possibilities.

After this first customization of the RFID tags, we can also deliver them coded and printed.

Customized RFID tags TH-Wing

Customized RFID tags TH-Wing.

The UHF RFID tag from Trace ID TH-Wing is specially designed for RFID deployments in the retail industry, especially in the fields of apparel and fashion accessories. Even having its size, the TH-Wing inlay shows very high sensitivity and good performance compared to others in the market. It has also been designed for other applications of RFID systems, such as cosmetics or jewellery, where the size of the antenna is crucial, providing a reading distance above the average in the market.

In the following link, you can consult and download the data sheet to further evaluate the RFID tag TH-Wing. If you want to request a quote or ask us about our RFID tags, write to or fill out our contact form.


RFID tags by Trace ID: TH-Wing