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What we have ahead as RFID manufacturers, from Barcelona to the world

December is sometimes the time to summarise what and how we have been doing last months, for afterwards to think about what’s next. In Trace ID we are glad to confirm we have grown in staff, machinery, space, sales and benefits. As an RFID manufacturer and distributor settled in Barcelona with worldwide operation our horizon ahead is exciting.

Last year was great for Trace ID, our growth in the last fourteen months has led us to move to a new and better factory, but we have also bought two machines, one for the inlay assembly called bonding, and the other for the converting process of inlays to tags. These acquisitions mean a bigger and faster production at the same time that we are preserving our high level of quality. Both machines are from Mühlbauer and assure us being updated with the latest technological developments, besides they mean a guarantee to be able to face the next evolutions of the industry.

In November 2017 we bought a Converting machine CL 60000 more in addition to those we already have.

Converting machine CL 60000

Just only one year later, in November 2018, we have bought another Bonding machine, the DDA 40000.

Roger and Javi from the production team of Trace ID in front of DDA 40000

Part of the team of Trace ID travelled to Roding to visit the factory of Mühlbauer and check the machine before the purchase.

Part of Trace ID team in Muehlbauer.

Part of Trace ID team in Muehlbauer. Javier Pérez (from Maintenance department), Carlos Llorca (General Manager), Roger Serrano (Production Manager).

These acquisitions have been also possible thanks to moving to a bigger facility, in the same area well connected with the main arteries of transport, near the harbour and the airport. At the same time, we have improved all the factory that now is capable to face future enlargements of machinery and/or staff.

RFID Converting hall in Trace ID factory.

The new tags we have introduced last year, like TH-Wing, have already become established as trustworthy RFID tags in the market. As well as we continue our activity as an RFID hardware distributor.

Very soon, Trace ID will launch a new RFID tag that we hope will help retailers improve tremendously their customer service while executing excellent logistics management, both thanks to the characteristics of an RFID tag. This tag we have named Dual Fidelity (thinking about the fidelity of customers and the fidelity of data all in one).

With all these good news and great expectations, Trace ID ends 2018 motivated for welcoming the new year 2019.

What we have ahead as RFID manufacturers, from Barcelona to the world