RFID for Supply Chain Management

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RFID for Supply Chain Management: Logistics, Inventory Management

RFID for supply chain management has the capacity to significantly improve global logistic chains and increase overall efficiency by automating the identification processes. Major retailers and their suppliers are already tagging pallets, cases and other returnable transport items (RTIs) like plastic crates used for fresh foods.

Benefits of RFID for Supply Chain Management

  • For Manufacturers

    – Better customer service
    – Process optimization
    – Faster billing
    – Optimization of shipping papers

  • For Distributors

    – Higher shipping accuracy
    – Faster and more reliable deliveries
    – Better traceability
    – Greater cost savings

  • For Retailers

    – Faster processes
    – Less out of stocks
    – Faster processes
    – Better customer service

Parcel and Postal Services

RFID for Supply Chain is used in postal environments to improve item tracking during sorting and delivery. Because RFID doesn’t require a line of sight for information transfer, postal items can be routed without concerns over their physical orientation. RFID technology reduces the time needed to process mail bags and boxes because the RFID tags can be tracked automatically as they move through various stages in the processing cycle. Multiple items can be read simultaneously.

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RFID for Supply Chain Management