Sport timing solutions

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Sport Timing RFID Solutions

Timing Systems and people identification.

TraceID provide trusted technology for RFID Tags and Electronic Chip Timing using the world leading systems from Sport timing suppliers. Our services are comprehensive scalable consisting of timing tags and hardware that supports World’s leading Marathons. We supply disposable tags for the runners and for the bib.

Our tags can be attached to the runner’s shoe or race bib the additional effort and organisational needs to distribute thousands of timing devices disappears.

Disposable timing systems alleviate the need for additional volunteers and harried collection procedures. This system is not only easier, but it is also more cost effective. The tag cost has been significantly reduced to the point where they can be safely disposed of after a race while preserving the quality and accuracy needed for a timing system.


  • Single use tag.

  • No tag collection.

  • No tag lost fee.

  • Easy distribution; no added hassle.

  • Option for packet mailing.

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Sport timing solutions