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RFID for jewelry application

Jewellery businesses deal with expensive assets on a daily basis where the loss of even a single item can be expensive. As a result, jewelers need to keep track of their assets for both accounting as well as insurance purposes. Hand counting or barcode based scanning is a manually intensive process.

Jewellery Stores across the globe inarguably hold in them the most precious articles which range from the Precious Metal Jewellery such as Gold Jewellery, Platinum Jewellery and also they have the Precious Stones such as the Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires etc. Management, Security and Safety of the articles is the most priority for the management. Therefore, RFID Technology provides respite to the Jewellery industry.

RFID Solution for Jewellery provides an end to end solution to the jewellers starting from the Intake of the Inventory to the Sales. First of all, each article in the store is fixed with a RFID tag and the same is already fed into the Inventory System with the details of the Articles. Also, there are Readers which are positioned at various exit points of the store. And any article which is not read in the inventory and if it is moving out of the premises, application triggers the readers to set off an alarm.

The system can facilitate automatic, speedier, accurate and multiple object identification, accounting, stock-taking, all of which tremendously improves the efficiency of the workforce.


  • Quick and Accurate Inventory Taking.

  • Data of jewellery on display can be accessed in real time using the application.

  • Security of the Jewels.

  • Better monitoring and Control.

  • Quick and easy of search of a particular article.

  • Theft Control.

  • Increased Efficiency of the Staff members.

  • Easy billing and inventory updations.

  • Multiple items can be tracked and scanned at the same time enabling fast billing at Point of sale.

  • Minimized Queues at the billing desk.

  • Customised reports.

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RFID for jewelry