RFID for apparel

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RFID for Apparel & Retail

Trace ID RFID Solutions for apparel & retail item-level RFID inlay and tag solutions support lower costs, increased sales and higher customer satisfaction over traditional barcode systems.

How does RFID tagging deliver these benefits?

  • – Elimination of line-of-sight, tag orientation or bar code label quality requirements, manual data entry and operator error enables faster, more accurate inventory management.

  • – End-to-end item-level supply chain visibility and documented chain of custody reduces counterfeiting, theft, billing disputes and charge-back fees while protecting the brand.

  • – Just-in-time inventory resupply, from manufacturing through distribution to point of sale reduces costs and out-of-stocks, increases inventory turn and creates higher customer satisfaction Read about Victoria’s shoewear manufacturer used Trace RFID inlay solutions to help manage the flow of its products.

Are you interested in more information?

Contact us for answers to your RFID in Apparel or the broader Retail Industry questions or request samples via email or call us. We look forward to bringing our experience, support and solutions to your RFID project!

RFID for apparel