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RFID Solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare

TraceID RFID pharmaceutical and healthcare RFID inlay solutions support improved outcomes and lower costs within clinical care environments.

How an RFID system can reap these benefits?

RFID systems can reduce search time, theft, and replacement costs while potentially increasing patient safety and privacy by enabling more accurate tracking of a broad variety of assets including:

  • High-value mobile equipment – wheelchairs, stretchers, crash carts, infusion pumps, etc.

  • Item-level pieces – surgical instruments and dressings, medicines, linens and uniforms.

  • Medical records – files, documents, x-rays and other diagnostic images. RFID systems support the rollout of the electronic health records.

  • Patient movement and identification for proper administration of associated treatment plans RFID systems offer functional benefits resulting in easy integration or improvement in existing processes and reduction or limitation of interruptions to patient care:

    – No line-of-sight or specific tag orientation requirements.
    – Chain of custody (track and trace) capabilities that exceed FDA ePedigree requirements.
    – A variety of RFID tag sizes for small medical items.
    – Passive RFID tags and infrastructure are a cost-effective alternative to battery-powered active tag systems.

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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare