Library, media, documents & files

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RFID Solutions for Library, media, documents & files

RFID saves time and money over traditional tracking technologies.

How an RFID system can reap these benefits?

For the concerns that library managers face each day, RFID technology brings solutions that magnetic stripe or barcode technology simply cannot deliver as effectively:

  • Faster scanning of the data stored on the RFID tag.

  • Simpler and easier for patrons to self checkout.

  • High-speed inventory speeds up sorting and re-shelving.

  • A longer lifecycle than a barcode RFID document-tracking systems can save time and money by drastically reducing:

    – Time spent searching for lost or miss-filed documents.
    – Financial and legal impact associated with losing documents.

Library, media, documents and files

Equipping documents, files or archival cartons with passive RFID tags and installing RFID readers throughout a facility creates an RFID system that provides assurance and validation that items are where they are supposed to be at all times and are able to be retrieved quickly when needed. When combined with employee identification systems using cards or fingerprint sensors or tags, the RFID system will enable real-time recording of which employees are removing or replacing which documents, whether authorized or not, from a filing cabinet or room.

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Library, media, documents & files