Aviation Baggage

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RFID Solutions for aviation baggage

RFID aviation / baggage tagging solutions.


  • RFID systems enable more accurate tracking of baggage through an airport and more efficient loading and unloading of planes.

  • Airport RFID systems help reduce lost luggage and improve on-time departures resulting in lower costs and greater passenger satisfaction.

  • With no line-of-sight requirement and the ability of RFID tags to be read while moving, in any orientation, from up to 4 feet away, RFID provides significant benefits over bar codes.

  • RFID-based systems are more reliable, achieving average read rates of more than 97% compared to barcodes at about 85% on average.

  • And, RFID baggage tagging can provide improved security with an additional level of identification and connection of baggage to the passenger.

RFID systems are also being used to help improve asset-tracking of airplane repair parts as well as life vests, first-aid kits and even seats.

Some airlines are even exploring the opportunities that near field communications (NFC)-enabled phones will provide to make the customer experience more enjoyable – from boarding the plane without paper documents to accessing special lounges and entertainment.

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Aviation Baggage