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RFID Solutions for Access Control

RFID Solutions for Access Control offered by Trace ID is a widely deployed access control system for human personnel and mobile assets, such as laptops, servers and files.

The battery assisted passive (BAP) long-read range technology allows much better throughput than traditional Prox or High Frequency RFID-based access control system.

From a security perspective, it covers all personnel entering a door or specified check point, thus closing a classic loophole in HF systems where people can just walk by and avoid the reader.

RFID Access Control Application

  • RFID Badges
  • Laptop IT Asset Tracking
  • Personnel Monitoring
  • Time and Attendance
  • Vehicle Access Control
  • Vehicle Authentication
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Access Control
  • Fleet Access Control
  • Parking Pass
  • Event Monitoring
  • Sports timing
  • Animal Tracking
  • Electronic Vehicle Registration
  • Automatic Vehicle ID
  • Commercial Vehicle Monitoring
  • Hazardous Environment Remote Worker
  • Employee Mustering and Egress
  • Automatic Recognition and Loyalty Cards

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Access Control