RFID tags and inlays

RFID UHF and HF Inlays and Tags

Trace ID is a developer and manufacturer of RFID inlays and RFID tags, mostly UHF but, to a lesser extent, HF RFID tags too. For manufacturing, we have two Mühlbauer bonding machines in our factory, where the chips are assembled in the antennas forming the inlays. Also, four converting machines, two from Mühlbauer and two from Impak, where the inlays are transformed into the appropriate formats according to the needs of the client. In addition, Trace ID has printing and coding lines. Finally, the production is tested with through Voyantic solutions.

The UHF RFID tags of Trace ID are composed of an inlay specially designed to meet specific needs for the implementation of RFID systems in supply chains, logistics and inventories; for traceability of documents, archives and libraries; as well as returnable transport units or traceability of small items such as jewellery; also the control and security of assets in retail industry from apparel to cosmetics; or finally, monitoring products and tools in the health industry or people in private or public facilities; and also, to timing at sporting events.

The Trace ID RFID tags are customised according to the customer’s need with various materials and adhesives. From paper or polypropylene to foam, because the RFID tags of Trace ID are developed considering the difficulties that radiofrequency can have to work in, for example, environments with a high presence of metals or a high dielectric load.

Whether you need to buy RFID tags or design an RFID solution customized from the beginning, Trace ID is the best option.

Trace ID is an experienced RFID tags manufacturer. Contact us for talking about your customized RFID application.

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RFID tags and inlays