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MatchBox Antenna

RFID HARDWARE – Antennas – MatchBox antenna

Impinj’s MatchBox reader antenna is the ideal antenna for demanding item level applications that require reading tags at distances up to 5 cm. Typical applications include access control, ticketing, document control, high-speed encoding stations, packaging lines, and any situation that requires high reliability with a constrained read zone.

The MatchBox antenna, by virtue of its optimized near-field performance, is virtually immune to the effects of liquids, powders, packaging, etc.

The MatchBox antenna works for applications where standard antennas may fail, such as membership cards, blister packs, pill bottles, liquid-filled containers, and even tags floating in water.


  • Access control
  • Library / documents / media and files
  • Jewellery applications
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare



IP Rating: IP54. Indoor use only

Temperature: 0–40 ○C. Indoor and outdoor

Humidity: 5–95%. Relative, non-condensing. Performance will be severely degraded if antenna is subjected to any standing water

RoHS: N/A. Designed to meet RoHS, not certified RoHS



Frequency Range (ETSI): 865 to 956 MHz. Broadband for use in all regions

Near Field Intensity: 4.2 dBA/m. Center of antenna 1 cm from radome

Far Field Gain: 20 dBi. With respect to a reference dipole

Polarization: Linear. Parallel to short axis

VSWR:  1.25:1. Center of frequency range

Input Impedance:  50 Ω

Input Power:  30 dBm. 33 dBm absolute max

ESD:  2 KV. Human Body Model

MatchBox Antenna